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A True 4 Season Beehive

Patent Pending 4 Season Beehive “The 4SB”

The 4SB allows the bees to regulate temperatures and humidity with only subtle fluctuations using our Hive Shield Membrane.

* Our 4SB Hive is compatiable with standard bee equipment *

The Hive Shield Membrane

The Hive Shield Membrane is a patented technology that provides an industry leading protection that will increase winter and summer beehive colony survival.  The Hive Shield Membranes key factors:

Hive Shield Membrane key factors:

  • R-value 16 unaffected by humidity
  • Prevents 96% of radiant heat transfer
  • Vapor barrier
  • Prevents condensation
  • 19 dba contact noise reduction
  • 194 Degrees Fahrenheit contact temperature rating
  • UV resistance
  • Good low-temperature flexibility and high-temperature tolerance
  • Inherently fire resistant
  • Highly puncture and impact resistant

Moisture Control System

The 4SB Moisture Control and Feeding System collects winter moisture buildup and  dispels without disturbance to the queens pheromone communication channels. This process simulate a natural made beehive like a dead tree.  The system allows adding emergency fondant in the winter and syrup feeding in the spring and summer. The 4SB is a true 4 Season Beehive.

The 4SB Hive System Includes:

  • 1 x Hive Shield Top
  • 1 x Wintering Inner Cover
  • 3 x Deeps 9 5/8 in.
  • 1 x Bottom Board
  • 1 x Mouse Guard
  • 1 x Set of The Hive Locking System

Hive Shield Top

Using The Hive Shield Membrane our top are equipped with a summer feed plug, bee entrance, and raised to allow for pollen patties.

Hive Shield Body

Our Hive bodies are protected by the Hive Shield Membrane, have built in 3/4" handles, work with standard bee equipment, and have a white board exterior for marking hives.

Wind Protection

The Hive Shield Membrane provides total wind protection.


Wintering Inner Cover

This revolutionary insert provides a moisture control system in conjunction with disturbance free feeding for winter.

Locking System

Our hive is equipped with locking pins from top to bottom for added bear protection.

Bottom Board

The bottom board is weather resistant and includes mouse guard and reducer.

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